We pride ourselves on superior quality custom coins, excellent customer service, and prices you are can afford.    So, here is what our customers have to say:


Thank you for your response. You are the lowest price on-line for coins and great quality as well. Thank you for your help with the Frederick coins. I am sending this to my CMC (CC) and he will order Tues. I will send you the crest tonight.

Thank you
Harry Beatty

I received the coins and they are even better than I had imagined and I'm sure the new and old Chiefs will appreciate them. Wonderful service and believe me I'll shop with you again.

V/r  Steve Allen
Mr. Bill Dixon-
I called Monday to acknowledge the receipt of the new Command Coins and I want to thank you for the excellent quality and fine workmanship evidenced
in your product.  Thank you for tracking the shipment and keeping me appraised of its delivery date.  We look forward to the receipt of our second order of 400 coins and working with you in the future.

Very respectfully,

Commanding Officer
Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory

Bill, Thank you so much for the excellent work on our custom coin. Due to your timely delivery I was able to distribute coins to our Mess during this past weekend. Comments ranged from "the best looking coin I have seen", "outstanding", "beautiful". We are clearly impressed and very satisfied.
I appreciate your quick work and your willingness to accommodate our
artwork into the coin.

In the future should we need more coins what is the minimum number required to place an order? Do you retain the die or do we start the process over? Given the current interest we will quickly run out of coins and will want more. Thanks again for a great product.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours at Stateside.
Received the coins yesterday and they were excellent!  I am very pleased with them and will keep you all in mind for any other coins I might need in the future.  And if I know of anyone else that needs coins, I will pass your information on to them.


I just received the engraved shiny/silver CPO coin that I ordered just 5 days ago (wow, thank you).  This is for my Chief's retirement display and I have to say this is the "badest" coin that i've seen yet.  It will definitely be the center of the display.  Thanks for the great coin and the really great service.
Tim Hacker

Just wanted you to know that we have received both orders of coins here at Little Rock AFB.  They look fantastic, and as I've handed them out they are the envy of the base.  Doesn't hurt that my coin is bigger than the wing commander's...  Ha!  At any rate, they are great looking.  Appreciate all your help to make my vision a reality.


Maj Matt McCleskey
314 SVS/CC

Just a short note to tell you how happy we are with the coins.  They are a big hit throughout the command.  Thank you for the great customer service and craftsmanship.  I'm sure we will have a long relationship with Stateside.
CMDCM (AW/SS) Paul T. DeClercq
Command Master Chief
VFA-83    Rampagers
Bill -
Was SSgt Gleason able to help you with our purchase?  Maj Jones loved the coins!  She's very pleased, and I think there pretty great looking myself. Thanks for your great work!  We might be doing this again when our new commander arrives this summer. 

Ms. Wildene Babby
28 CS Secretary & Public Affairs Rep
28th Communications Squadron
Just rec'd the coins, they look great! Thanks for all you help.
Mike Morton
The coins look wonderful. thank you for your great work. We plan on doing this every year that we win this honor. so hopefully I will be contacting you in about a year.

Thanks again

Just letting you know that I have received the coins today.  They look very, very nice.  I am sure once the "boss" sees them later this week he will be pleased.  I am keeping you business card on record so that I can order more in the future.

Again, thanks

CG's Admin NCO

Mr. Dixon,

      How are you doing? This is SKC Roland Goodloe from NCTAMS EURCENT NAPLES, IT. Everybody here loves the coins, please go ahead and proceed with the order.   THANK YOU!!!
To say "WOW" would be an understatement.  I received the coin order yesterday afternoon and was completely astounded.  I did not realize that the raised relief work would be so detailed. OUTSTANDING and I am really glad that I went ahead and ordered them.  I am patiently awaiting the CPO results for another possible order.  Keep up the great work shipmate, and again......Thanks


Got the coins today 30 July and they look great!  Thanks for the good service we will be reordering multiple times I am sure.
Josh Feldman

I received the coins on the 25th.  They look GREAT.  Everyone is totally pleased with the results of your efforts.  I appreciate the fast response on the matter.

Thanks so much.


The name tags were perfect.  I'm impressed that you included one for "Fredy" Magana, and one for "Freddy" Magana.  Although the spelling is Fredy - with one "d" - it showed professionalism and concern for your customer.  I appreciate that.  I will let you know when the plaques arrive.   Thank you again.

Thank you very much for picking out the coin.  I did not get the message until late and I would have completely been out of time.  Chief Brian Tichenor had said that you were able to work miracles for him and the plaques that we had ordered.  It's that type of service that will definitely be noted and not forgotten.

Thanks again.

CTRC Crystal Quick
Bill -
    We received the command coins already and they look great!  I will be contacting you this week about our CPOA coins.  Thanks for everything!
v/r Lynn

We received the coins, they are great.  The guys really love them.  Will be placing another orders shortly.

Got the coins, thanks for great service...again
LT Feldman
The coins have arrived - and they look great.  Appreciate your service!

v/r, ajs
Bill, Keith Roberts here, USS TICONDEROGA. Well the coins were a big hit and we are SOLD OUT!!!  I would like to order another 100 coins. Same Die cast. and style. The ship is leaving on Monday for two weeks. I will be staying behind for leadership course.
Thanks, Keith


Thanks for all your help and your great service.  I will do all I can to promote your company and in fact, we may have another order coming your way in the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Just got back from vacation and found the coins waiting for me.  They looked great, thanks.
The coins have arrived and they are better than I envisioned.  Thank you for a quality product that I will be pleased to present to those deserving of the recognition.
HMCM(FMF) Peter P. Verhoeven


RDML Stanley was extremely pleased with your work you did on his coin.  He said that it’s the nicest coin he has ever seen!   I need to order 100 additional coins for him. 
PSC 817 BOX 16
FPO AE  09622-0016


The coin display arrived today, it looks beautiful.  Thank you so much for the fast service.


Just received the coins today and they are OUTSTANDING. 

R/Chief Carter
Got the cases today.  I'm impressed w/the foam inlays.  Again, outstanding job and I'm sure we will do plenty of good business in the future.

Bill, SO nice of you to reply, when your web site tells me you normally confirm in 3 days.  Sorry I didn't get back to you; not sure if we have a 6 or 7 hour time difference.

I really appreciate the great service, can't wait to see the great product, and have already passed your web site to 3 friends.  Thanks again!

Cindy Eagle, Lt Col, USAFR


THANKS - not only for the great product/pricing you provide, but also for your personal attention & great communication throughout the entire process.


Sir, one last time for feedback... the coins are a big hit as I knew they would be... gave one to my Admiral and then gave one to the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Gordon England... he said it was a super job... thanks for the hard work... TR Rains, USNA Chief of Staff
Bill: Just wanted to let you know that my order of 100 'challenge coins'  arrived in fine condition yesterday. I'm very pleased. Thanks and I hope that we can generate some additional sales for you, as the word spreads. Joe

The coins arrived today - they look awesome!

Thanks once again for a great piece of coin work.  Also got one of the recent ones you made for CVW7 onboard - they really turned out nice as well.

You should have recently been in touch with a friend of mine Jay Powers for his coin.  I refer everyone I hear wants to make a coin your way now :-)

You do great work as always!


Rich Hay
Mr. Bill
     Received the coin order Friday and they look outstanding as every thing that I have done with you in the past.  Thanks for all of your time.
Ken Biller

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