Compare our coin with the competitions!

The challenge coins pictured above are scanned images of the actual coin.  Both challenge coins were manufactured using the same exact artwork.   The coin on the left is one of our coins and the coin on the right is one of our competitors coins.   As you can see, our coin has much greater detail then the competitors coin.   So, before you decide on who will provide your coin be sure you are comparing more than just price.   All coin manufacturers and distributors are not the same.  If you want an excellent quality coin and at a price you can afford, let us provide your coins.   You deserve the best.

We are not saying that all manufactures that make die struck coins have poor quality coins.    Some have nice coins.   We understand that we all have choices, and Stateside cannot provide  all the Challenge Coins and Medallions made in the world.   But, before you place an order, make sure you are getting a quality coin and at a fair price before you decide who will provide your coins.   After all, your coin or medallion represents your command, unit, school, organization or business, so you should have a coin that represents you well.   At least ask the company you are considering as a potential vendor to show you a sample of a coin they did in the past that is similar to your design before you commit to an order.    You may be glad that you did.       

Below is another example of our custom coin creation versus another custom coin maker.

 Our final custom die cast coin

Our Die Cast Coin

artwork provided by our customer 

Original Artwork

 A competitor's die struck coin

Competitors Die Struck Coin

Custom-Made Coins
 Order your own custom-made military unit or company coins today! Send us the artwork you wish to have made into your own coin, and we can get it done. All coins are die-cast and can be ordered in 1.5", 1.75" and 2" sizes. Color-filled coins are available. There is a one-time die cast charge of $75.00 (1.5" Coins) per side on all custom-made coins. Discounts are available depending upon quantities ordered.
Visit our Custom Coins page for more information.

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