Process (Where do I Start?)

Your Custom Coin from Conception to Completion

Where do I start? Some people get overwhelmed at the idea of ordering a custom coin for the first time. Don't be! Ordering a custom coin or medallion is quite easy, we do most of the work for you. Here is the entire custom coin ordering process broken down is 7 easy steps.

  1. Send us a quote request to receive a free estimate.
  2. On the quote you can include your design, proposed art, sketch or graphics in jpeg, pdf or Power Point format.
  3. After your quote is received by us, we will provide a total cost including die fees and shipping cost to your location.
  4. Once you review the quote, you can place your order. Our graphic artist will do the artwork for your coin. There is no cost for having us do the artwork for you. To the right is an example of the type of artwork you will receive.
  5. When your artwork is completed, we will email the artwork to you for your review, revisions or approval.
  6. Upon your approval of the artwork, we will construct the dies. Once the dies are completed, we will manufacture an actual coin. The coin will then be scanned and sent to you by email for your final review and approval. To the right is a proof sample image of the coin.
  7. Once you approve the proof sample image of the actual coin, we will produce the entire quantity of coins and ship them out to you.

Sound easy? It is! Take the first step and send us a quote request today!

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