There are optional items that can be done or added to your coin. Below are samples and names of each of the options available.

Diamond Cut Edging

Spiral Edge
Scalloped Edge
Criss-Cross Edge
Rope Edge
No extra cost for rope edging

Amber Drops

Amber Drops is a hard clear resin dome like covering over the surface of the coin. Amber drops is also sometimes referred to as Epoxy Coating.
No extra cost for amber drops on coins 1.75 or larger.

Reeded Edge

A reeded edge is the same as the edge found on a quarter. These are grooves that are cut on the side edge of the coin.

Edge Texting

This is text that is added to the side edge of the coin. Can be words, letters or numbers.

Serialized Coins

An engraving block is added to the coin and numbers are sequentially lasered on each coin.

Photo Process Coin

We can take an actual photograph or picture and put it on a coin.

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