Closeout sale! Offer good while supplies last. Military Challenge Coins F.I.T. (Fully Intact and Trainedsm) Challenge Coin, A.C.T. (Attack and Crush Terrorismsm), Challenge Coin and A.I.M. (Annihilate Incoming Missilessm) Challenge Coin What are the A.C.T., F.I.T. and A.I.M. campaigns? The war against terrorism must be won, and we Americans need a long term plan to maintain our vigilance. To that end, the FIT-AIM-ACT Campaigns have been established. These campaigns include businesses, celebrities, organizations, and public agencies all working together to support the military, a missile defense, and the war against terrorism. The FIT Campaign For A Stronger Militarysm (Fully Intact & Trained)sm, the AIM Campaign For A National Missile Defensesm, (Annihilate Incoming Missiles)sm, and the ACT Campaign For An End To Terrorismsm, (Attack & Crush Terrorism)sm, will be used to help educate and mobilize the American public about current and future national security issues. Stateside Online Shopping is an official FIT-AIM-ACT challenge coin licensee and proud to be a supporter of these important campaigns. Since a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these coins will go to support these campaigns, you too can help by purchasing one or more of these products. Show your spirit today and help send a message to your neighbors, Washington D.C., the Armed Services, and rogue nations around the world that the USA will not be intimidated. We will persevere and win this war and every other war or act of aggression waged against us.
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